Wednesday, December 21, 2011



I need to make a phone call to a local business right now. I can't, because every time I dial the number and press 'Dial' the "3G Data" option window pops up. It simply will not dial the number. I have put up with your shit, Android, and i'm done with it.

This isn't the first problem you've had. Your apps seem to crash daily, or one app sucks up "35% CPU" and makes every other app lag like my grandmother in molasses. Stock apps like the Browser and Maps can bring the whole thing to it's knees. And in these weird states, on the few times I actually receive a phone call, I can't swipe to answer it because the UI is too lagged. Let's not even talk about the native text messaging, which is not only the laggiest SMS i've ever used but the first phone to actually fail to send SMS's on a regular basis.

Google's apps in particular seem to suck. Google Voice takes about 30 seconds just to refresh the text messages once I open the app. Maps has weird bugs so that if I lock the screen while viewing the map, the map freezes and I have to kill it and restart it. Randomly the whole device will just appear sluggish even if I haven't been using it. And some apps become impossible to uninstall, becoming nag-ware for registration or payment.

A PHONE SHOULD BE A PHONE. All I wanted was to have GPS, Maps and Browsing built into my phone, and maybe a nice camera (but years later apparently Sony is the only company capable of putting a decent camera in a phone). But that was too much for you, Android. You had to be fancy. And now i'm throwing you away.


  1. advanced task killer solves the lag problems for me. But I agree that it sucks I have to use that to keep my phone usable.

  2. I think you just have a really crappy phone/rom/radio combination. I have a feeling that this is a combination of problems that have happened over time. If it happened all at once, it would be unusable.

  3. stephan, I have an 'advanced task killer' and it does not solve the problem of apps sucking up CPU randomly and crashing or needing to be killed. This is not a solution. This is a terrible hack for a bad operating system.

    No Dino, if my phone ever stops working as a phone, it is unusable. No phone I have ever had in my life (i've probably had 40) has ever stopped functioning as a phone unless it completely broke (which, incidentally, is 0 phones). I could get a different Android phone but considering how all the roms are wildly different (I refuse to install a custom rom just to make a phone be usable) and how expensive they are and how little actual choice we have in the US market, i'm going to get a simple phone I know will work - *not* a smartphone.

  4. I will add that the only other phone i've ever had that was this buggy was the Nokia E71x. It would crash apps and reboot randomly after 2 weeks, but the phone part always worked.