Wednesday, November 2, 2011

what nobody using Linux gets about usability

nobody cares what makes your operating system work. they don't want to perform steps, or look up guides, or learn how to do something. everything they want to do should be completely intuitive.

in Linux, it is never intuitive.

programs are usually some weird alternative program with a strange name that isn't intuitive at all. Linux and Mac have cross-platform applications which everyone just knows about. Linux doesn't, in general. i mean sure there's apps, but nobody in Windows or Mac uses open source programs. think about that for a minute.

you always need to know what kind of 'package' to download, and some weird method of installing it, and possibly 'dependencies'. nobody in Windows knows what the fuck a dependency is, or why they'd ever come into contact with one.

nobody in Windows ever uses a console. "What is this, DOS?" it's fucking retarded. the mere idea that a shell even *exists* on a Linux computer is kind of ridiculous. the idea that command-line programs are so robust and friendly to a command-line user, just serves as a crutch for the techies who have no easy way to do the same thing from the GUI.

the motto of Linux development should be: No More Console.

the second motto of Linux should be: No More Knowledge.

a complete idiot should be able to use a computer with no more than 2 minutes of playing around. it should also be the least scary as possible for them. usually Linux GUIs are incredibly complex and scary for users. they also usually look incredibly toy-like and cheap, but that's not really a usability thing.

Linux should work like the iPad.

think about that.