Thursday, April 8, 2010

how to make a product everyone will buy

  1. Make a hardware platform only you control and manufacture. Also make sure it looks very pretty and is reliable.
  2. Make an operating system that's user-friendly, simple, and very pretty with some killer apps and an easy dev environment. But make sure it only works on your hardware.
  3. Make software to provide all the personal needs one has with a computer and make it all tie together seamlessly. Make sure it's user-friendly, simple, and very pretty.
  4. Make accessory products which provide for things people want day to day, make it work with your hardware and software, and tie it all together seamlessly. Also, make sure it's very pretty and reliable.

Now release anything and make sure it ties together with all the previous products seamlessly, is user-friendly, simple, reliable, and very pretty. It doesn't even matter if it has a purpose or is redundant: people will buy it. It helps if you have the world's greatest PR/hype machine and if you can make people believe they're superior to someone else by owning these products. Above all make sure it is always very pretty. In this vein the product is like a luxury car: completely impractical and unnecessary, but people pay a premium for something that looks fancy and probably doesn't provide any benefit over a cheaper less pretty device.