Saturday, October 8, 2011

note to self for change management system

if a hack like extra privs is applied to a system to allow a dev to fix some issue in production or something, should be a system in place to automatically revoke privs after a given time. or specify a date/time range that the privs should be added, so you can specify "during maintenance window sunday 5am-9am developer Steve gets weblogic sudo access". as a matter of principle, all changes should be allowed to have date ranges applied to control when the changes happen. if the date/time starts but has no end, assume end time is indefinite. if start time and end time are the same, change is only applied once.

all account access should have defined end dates (for example, contractor steve has a 6 month contract, so all his access should have an expiry time set). BEFORE access is revoked email alerts will be generated for 2 weeks out, 1 week out, 3 days out, 1 day out before access expires to alert somebody before his access goes out the window. most configuration should not have expiry times because it's assumed if it is in config management it's meant to be there indefinitely, but for quick hacks where we know we don't want it to be there long we can set expiry times and will get alerts before it expires.

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