Friday, January 28, 2011

solaris admins are masochists

it's been a while since i had to do active development on solaris boxes. god they suck.

  1. tar doesn't natively handle compression and doesn't do simple things like "tar -xvf foo.tar" right (probably trying to extract to / by default).
  2. the default shell is not bash.
  3. ls doesn't understand simple things like `ls DIRECTORY -la` (change order of options) and it doesn't do color (supposedly because some retarded admins think a more optimal user interface is 'unprofessional').
  4. you have to fight with ps to get it to list anything the way you want unless you use -o and hope some other option you used doesn't break it.
  5. trying to figure out how much memory you have is a nightmare.
  6. most system information is complex and hidden behind solaris-specific tools or APIs.
  7. /export/home and /home exists (sometimes on different partitions), and for some reason root's home directory is / even though /root exists.
  8. the OS does nothing to set useful values like $PS1.

all that is just stuff that's happened to me within 5 minutes. jesus christ solaris, you've had a million years to catch up to usability of gnu tools. either replace your old broken shit or freshen it up. (while people still use your antiquated crap)

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