Wednesday, April 1, 2009

some tricks to stay hidden

[1] If you're in a shell and typing some commands which you don't want to be preserved in your .bash_history, just run "kill -9 $$" when you're done with your shell. The parent process (shell) will be killed and not write anything to the .bash_history file.

[2] You want to log on to a box and use it interactively but don't feel like being monitored in the wtmp, use "ssh -v -T user@host" to log in. The verbose will tell you once you've successfully logged in. Now run 'last | head -n 5'. Your current login should not show up in the list. (Your login will probably still be logged by sshd in a separate file, but it's less noticeable)

[3] Encrypt your shell scripts:
[3.1] Also use my script:

[4] Encrypt all the files in a directory with cryptdir(1).

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